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Hi everybody, a very warm welcome to the new Catch Cult website.

Catch Cult 13 is going to print this week and will be available within a week or so.

Thanks to all those who have subscribed so far, your support is invaluable to us!

If Catch Cult is new to you, check us out and consider subscribing to CC13-14-15.

Catch Cult is a quality litho printed magazine consisting 88 pages of text and a glossy cover with a 6mm spine.

CC13 has 10 articles: carp, six gill sharks, all-round angling, roach, salmon, pike, tench and mahseer! Variety is the name of the game!

Please give me a chance to produce a quality fishing magazine aimed at the all-round specialist angler.

Thankyou all very much, Martin Mumby